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Upside Down Ø38

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Fork specifically designed for use on minicross or Pit Bike.

Equipped with 38 mm diameter inner tube in hardened steel at high resistance and outer tube in ergal hard anodized. They guarantee great smoothness combined with an extremely low weight.
Pistons have a diameter of 22 mm specifically designed for off road use.
The hydraulic system is adjustable in compression and rebound on each leg.

This fork was designed and developed with 3D CAD systems and FEM tests and has been tested on the racetracks.

Technical features
- Hard anodized outer tubes 40 micron + lapped surface (Ra 0.08)
- Stanchion tube is 38 in diameter  
- Stroke and free length customized according to the customer needs


- Compression adjustment, 40 positions
- Rebound adjustment, 40 positions

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