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Super Bike 46 EVO

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The Super Bike 46 EVO is available with a 46 mm ø inner tube and equips the revolutionary cartridge K911, that with 30 mm ø pistons can guarantee an excellent progressive rebound, allowing “infinite” setting possibilities in order to personalize any need of the racer and with the new mechanic system allows varying the spring elastic constant inside the front fork without replacing the springs.

Triple clamps not included

This solution guarantees the possibility to obtain various suspension rigidities. It offers to the rider many setting possibilities in any conditions.
Another important technical feature offered by system K911 is the possibility to modify the spring stiffness simply, in a very short time, without replacing components. These modi?cations can be executed in a very short time lap, for example it takes few seconds from the race start to establish a new set-up of the motorbike if the weather conditions modify (dry-wet). In addition to this feature it is also appreciated for its numerous settings such as spring preload, compression, rebound, oil level.

To improve the smoothness, the fork inner tubes are covered with CVD (Laf. Diamond). Piston rods, outer tubes and inner cartridges are all hard anodized and lapped to decrease the friction coefficient. Dropouts are made from CNC Ergal with CNC technology through a study and a design with 3D CAD and FEM analysis for the proper sizing and maximum lightness.

Technical specifications
- Outer tubes hard anodized 40 micron and lapping Ra 0.08
- Inner Tube ø 46 with CVD treatment (Laf. Diamond 10000 HV). Radial brake 108 mm
- Stroke total lenght 120 mm.
- Fender Brackets.

- 9 K setting range from 9 to 11 with 0,25 kg per mm steps
- Spring preload 30 positions (15 mm)
- Compression Adjustment 40 positions
- Compression Adjustment high speed 18 positions
- Rebound Adjustment 40 positions
- Oil level adjustement 10 mm.

Ergal triple clamps available on request

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