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Excellent for any use: racing, urban and touring
All the components are fully CNC machined; the surface finishing is hard anodyzed.
The cylinder is 46mm of diameter, the material is Ergal 7075 with hard anodizing superfinished.

item-elenco List of bike-compatible
YAMAHA XP500 T-MAX (08 - 12)
Item code: A04YAM042
YAMAHA XP500 T-MAX (01 - 03)
Item code: A04YAM042
YAMAHA XP500 T-MAX (04 - 07)
Item code: A04YAM042
YAMAHA XP530 T-MAX (12 - 14)
Item code: A04YAM043

 Pressurized shock absorber with internal piston floating. It's completely rebuildable.

 TMAX GT1 adjustment features-

- Compression 40 positions
- Spring preload (C-spanner)
- Adjustable length


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